Alec's School Page

Welcome to my page!

Have fun with the information on your page, Alec.

Beginning of the Day

My Calendar

Go to your "4KidCal!" app. Choose the month and day of the week and any activities your teacher wants you to complete.


My Calendar by JHWDDES

Reading & Alphabet Knowledge

Alphabet Knowledge

Use your "Letter of Day" app and study the letters your teacher asks you to study.


Alphabet Knowledge. by JHWDDES

ABC Clouds

Use your "ABC Clouds" app and practice the letters your teacher asks you to practice.



Fun Rhyming

Use the "Fun Rhyming" app and practice using rhyming words.


Fun Rhyming by JHWDDES

Consonant Blends

Use the "ABC Reading Magic 2 Consonant Blends" app and practice your consonant sounds.


Consonant Blends by JHWDDES

Blending Words

Use the "Beginning Blends Word Builder" app and practice blending your letters to form words.


Blending Words by JHWDDES

Phonemic Awareness

Use the "Cambugs Letter Sounds" app and practice your beginning letter sounds.


Phonemic Awareness by JHWDDES

Word Lists

Use the "Sight Words" app and practice saying the words that appear on the screen. Use the Preschool, Kindergarten, and First Grade word lists. Try saying some words without the sound turned on. Can you do it?


Word Lists by JHWDDES



Use the "Instant Recorder" app and tell a story. Maybe your teacher will ask you to speak certain words or sentences. This is your chance to talk so have fun.

Math Skills

Numeral Recognition

Use the "Big Number Trace HD" app to practice writing numbers.

Numeral Recognition

Use the "MathBoard" app and write the numbers you are asked to write. Use your stylus to write on the screen.


Numeral Recognition 2 by JHWDDES

Shape Recognition

Use those shapes!

Use the "Friendly Shapes" app and practice working with different shapes. Have fun and be creative!