Accelerated 3AB/4A Math Class

With Ms. Ramsey


Your students mastered money already! I guess that's a great thing! I was super impressed by their knowledge fo the subject and ability to think critically about money. The main sklls with money are adding and subtracting, and knowing value of coins and bills. We are having a short money quiz on Monday, December 7.

We will move into Chapter 14: Fractions next!

Money and Fraction HW packet will be sent home Monday, December 7th!


This is an additional resource for your child to use at home! At the beginning of every month, I will activate new assignments I have created. The assignments will close on Monday, November 30. New assignments will be added on Tuesday, December 1. Please have your child log on and see what assignments are available!

If you are unaware of your child's username and password, do not hesitate to ask :)


Redbird Advanced Learning is available to our students in K through 5th grade. Please use your FSAConnect username and password to reach Redbird. This year we have created the same username and the same password for all online resources so that you don't need to memorize different passwords.

Click here to access Redbird Advanced Learning.

This is another at home resource for your child :)


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