Kelley's Kids

Mrs. Kelley's 3rd Grade Class Newsletter

March 2015

Hello Families,

I hope everyone is enjoying Spring Break! I have loved sleeping late and spending time with my family at Lake Texoma. I wish the weather had been better but it was a restful week. We have two weeks left in this grading period and a little over a month until the STAAR tests. It is a very busy time of year! We are a little bit behind because of the snow days but we will work hard to catch up. The most important thing I would ask of parents is to please look over your child's math homework every day and weekly STAAR practices each week before they return them to school. Sometimes kids finish their math homework at school. I love this because I know afternoon schedules are busy with activities. But please look over the daily math each day, even if your child has finished their homework at school. You can help them if they had any trouble or confusion. With our time so full with lessons and catching up during the day, it helps me so much if you can spot any problems that may arise in the daily work and help them work through this. Together we can make sure your child is prepared and understands these difficult math concepts. Also, please encourage your child to spend a couple of minutes daily looking over the math vocabulary packets in their folder.

Homestead has rescheduled our Open House for this Thursday, March 19th, 6:30-7:30. Students will present their Inventor in the classroom at 6:30. This is always a fun night! I look forward to seeing you there!

Important Dates:

Tuesday 3/17 Reading "Practice" STAAR

Wednesday 3/18 Math "Practice" STAAR

Thursday 3/19 Open House 6:30-7:30

Friday 3/27 Early Release 12:30

4/2-4/3 NO SCHOOL

Tuesday 4/21 Math STAAR Test

Wednesday 4/22 Reading STAAR Test

Please click the link for information about the STAAR test.

Here is a rundown of our lessons for the week of March 16th:

Math: Topic 13 Perimeter & Area

Spelling: Lesson 17

Science: Natural Resources

Writer's Workshop: Research Project

Reader's Workshop: Dictionary Skills

Social Studies: Inventors


Mon: Art

Tue: Science

Wed: Music

Thur: P.E.

Fri: Art

Homework March 16th- March 20th:

Kelley’s Kids Homework

Week of March 16th


__ Read 20 minutes/ 9 for 9 Challenge

__ Spelling Choice

__ Math practice

__ STAAR practices (due on Friday)


__ Read 20 minutes/ 9 for 9 challenge

__ Math Practice

__ Spelling Choice


__ Read 20 minutes/ 9 for 9 challenge

__ Spelling Choice

__ Math Practice


__ Read 20 minutes/ 9 for 9 challenge

__ Spelling Choice (test on Friday)



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