A boy called twister

By; Anne Scharaff

Character Analysis

The main character is Kevin Walker. Three words to describe the main character are that he is friendly, Fast, and he doesn't give up. Kevin Walker is motivated by his friends, Grand parents and his mom. One thing that I like about him is that he made Marko look like a fool on the race track. The things that I don't like about him is that how he hides everything form every one. The relationship between Kevin and his grandparents is good he shares everything with them.

Story Elements

A boy called Twister takes place in Tubman high school during present. The main conflict in the story is story of a boy and the story tells us that how did he over come his problems. The book begins with Kevin Walker moves from Texas to spur Ville and goes to Tubman high school.

Important facts



Kevin remind me of my self that I do believe in my self.

Kevin's mom reminds me of my mom she always says that she is with me and she believe me.


The theme of the novel is believe in self. One example is that Kevin's mom believed him that he would over come his problem. Another example is Kevin believed him self that he could win the race. A third example from the book is all of his friends believed him. A final example is that Kevin believed him self that he could win the regional championship.