South Africa

Dutch Colonists (Boers/Afrikaners)

  • Original European settlers in South Africa, came in the 1600's (Cape Colony)
  • Most were farmers
  • Did not get along with the indigenous people
  • Believed god had made white people superior

1805: British Take Control

  • British encouraged their people to settle in the colony

Boer Reaction to British Control

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  • Unhappy with British control
  • Moved further inland
  • Started two different independent republics
  • Orange Free State
  • Transvaal
  • Pushed native people off their land and frequently fought with the Zulu
  • British and Boers combined to defeat the Zulu

Colonial Economy

  • Cecil Rhodes
  • Diamond and gold mining
  • He was so important to the economy that he had significant political power
The Scramble for Africa - History of Britain C08
  • Same area as Boers
  • Did not get along
  • Tried to spark an uprising against the Transvaal government by British settlers

Boer War

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  • British fought to suppress the Boers
  • Put Boer women and children in camps and burned crops, resulting in the death of some 20,000 of them
  • 1902: war ends
  • 1910: Britain creates South Africa out of the Orange Free State and the Transvaal, for the most part, only white people can vote