My Christmas


By: Halle Froelich

The Miracle (2 days before Christmas Eve)

By: Halle Froelich


Once Upon A Time there were 3 kids Carter, Halle, and Tristan also a mom, dad, 10 elves, Santa Claus, 6 cousins the 3 children’s cousins and one puppy. It was a weary day 2 days before Christmas Eve and it was blizzardy.

Today’s forecast we are going to get up to 7 feet of snow so I would recommend you get your shopping done and get anything for the holidays because you are going to be snowed in!

“Honey I’ll be going shopping after I get out of the shower” said mom. “Okay but make sure you pick me up some more coffee” said dad! “Okay” mom said! “ Halle do you want to go with me” mom exclaimed? “Yes, please” replied Halle. , I’m going to get some more things for Christmas and more ornaments for the Christmas tree“Bring you money” yelled mom. “I will.” Halle yelled back.

“Tristan get your brother off of that computer” yelled dad!! “Okay” Tristan yelled back. “One second” yelled Carter room his room. “Not one second I want you here now!” Dad hollard. “Fine” Carter yelled angrily, stomping out of his room. “What do you want?” “Your mother is going shopping do you need anything in town?” “No I don’t” Carter said sassey walking back to his room.

While they were in town Halle saw Santa and yelled “Santa... mom it’s Santa!” Halle walked over to him and said “Hi Santa!” “Ho, ho, ho” replied Santa.

Mom walked over to Santa and Santa said “would you come to the North Pole with me and help me wrap presents?” Halle looked at her mom “can I” she asked. “You may if I go with you and it is okay with your father” explained mom. “Did you hear about the snowstorm we are supposed to get? I have to get back to the North Pole before it hits us, so call you dad right now and we will get in the air” Santa explained. “You mean we are going to fly, in your sleigh” Halle hollard in excitement? “Yes” Santa replied. Then they all got in his sleigh.

First we are going to the past to see what happens when the other presents weren't for Christmas” Santa mumbled. “Okay” said Halle. Then they teleported to the past....

Halle sighed “Wow, it is really different here there is no Christmas Joy, why is that Santa Claus?” “That is the whole reason I brought you here. The presents aren’t ready because there's no Christmas Joy so my elves didn’t have enough power to keep making the toys, you do know that right, the elves run on Christmas Joy” Santa whispered sadly. “That is what I don’t want to happen this year. So please help me get everyone in the Christmas Spirit. You can carol or really do anything.” “Well lets get moving we have to go to the future, present, my workshop and back to your house before Christmas which is in 1 day!” Santa said loudly. “ So lets get going” hollar my mom. In the sleigh everyone in the sleigh!!


Everyone got in the sleigh and they were off to the present! The present was the same as the left it. Sleigh Rides were been given’ and holiday ornaments were hung in the windowsills in shops and everywhere and you could tell Christmas was right around the corner.! “Well I guess we don’t have to waste our time here because it's just fine and Christmassy so let’s go to the future.” Said Santa and off they went.
“Wow the world is really black, like a terrorist attack just happened, where did all of the Christmas Joy go” sighed Halle? “This is what I was afraid was going to happened when the presents weren’t ready for Christmas” Santa whimpered. “ Well lets head back to the workshop so we can make the presents” Halle suggested. “Lets go” Santa cried running to the sleigh.
Off to the workshop they go. “Okay we're here finally” Halle hollered looking around. Then all of the sudden a dog jumped on her and she fell flat on her back. “Owe,” she screamed angrily. “That hurt aww your so cute! Look at the puppy, shes so cute! But where are the elves?” Halle sighed.”There in the room” Santa bellowed. “Home sweet home, finally now we can settle down and then in the morning we can open presents. Tristan you have a surprise out here” yelled mom. “You got me a DOG!!” Yelled Tristan. “I’ve always wanted a“Okay lets not waste our time here people lets wrap some toys” yelled mom!

5 hours later “I’m tired and hungry we wrapped all the toys finally. Can we go home” Halle whispered? “I guess you fan but for all of your help I’m giving you this”... “You're not” said Halle excitally. “a puppy you're kidding” hooted Halle!! “ I’m not kidding now take good care of him and have a Merry Christmas, a safe drive down to Iowa and have a Happy New Year” Yelled Santa!! “I will” Halle yelled back. Bye...

“Home Sweet Home” said mom. “Mom you got me a dog. Thanks mom” Hollard Tristan. “Actually Halle got it for you” mom replied. “Well I’m going bed” Tristan yelled from his bedroom. “Good Night”

HO, HO, HO, Merry Christmas.

“Mom, mom wake up Santa came” Tristan yelled opening his present. “Wait, wait I want to watch” mom replied getting out of bed.

And they all lived happily ever after the presents all got wrapped and everyone got them. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!


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