Types of rocks

By Gabrielle Crkvencic

1.igneous rock

Did you know that igneous rock can form when a volcano erupts, or underwater, or underground?? We'll they do, rocks like obsidian form deep in the earth or in a volcano because it's smooth, rocks like pumice form underwater because it has many bubbles.

1. Sedimentary rock

Sedimentary rock is formed by sediment building up over time and solidifying, and when it solidifies, it squeezes water and air out. Sandstone, shale, and limestone are examples of sedimentary rock.

3. Metamorphic rock

Marble and quartzite are some examples of metamorphic rock. The word metamorphic came from the Greek word "to change form". The reason we call it metamorphic rock is because under heat and pressure it can change how it looks.
Metamorphic rock facts

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