Who discovered Thallium?

William Crookes first discovered thallium but Claude-August Lamy studied it more in depth. It was announced in March of 1861. The name came from the Greek word thallos which means a green shoot or twig.


Atomic Mass is 204.3833.
Atomic Radius is 156 picometers.
The density is 11.850 g/cc.
The melting point is 304 degrees Celsius.
The boiling point is 1473 degrees Celsius.
Thallium is a solid at room temperature.
The colors are from layers of thallium oxide. It's a soft, silver-white that tarnishes really easy. It is also very toxic.

Atomic Structure

Mass Number: 204
Atomic Number: 81
Protons: 81
Neutrons: 123
Electrons: 81
It,s located in the lower left triangle of the periodic table. The area is known for "ordinary metals"
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Where and how do you get thallium?

Thallium is in crooksite, lorandite, and hutchinsonite. You can get it by roasting pyrites of smelting lead and zinc ores. You can also get it from making sulfuric acid.

How is it used?

In the past it was used for murders. But most commonly it was used as a rodentcide and ant killer. It was also used to treat ringworm and other skin infections.


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