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September 13, 2021

I was reading a book by Ken Robinson, Creative Schools, this weekend. In a section called, The Power of Teaching, he makes an analogy of a teacher to a gardener.

I’ve said that education is a living process that can best be compared to agriculture. Gardeners know that they don’t make plants grow. They don’t attach the roots, glue the leaves, and paint the petals. Plants grow themselves. The job of the gardener is to create the best conditions for that to happen. Good gardeners create those conditions, and poor ones don’t. It’s the same with teaching. Good teachers create the conditions for learning, and poor ones don’t. Good teachers also know that they are not always in control of these conditions.

He goes on to say,

In practice, teachers in all disciplines usually do - and should - use a wide repertory of approaches, sometimes teaching facts and information through direct instruction, sometimes facilitating exploratory group activities and projects. Getting that balance right is what the art of teaching is all about.”

As I walk through our campuses, I enjoy seeing classrooms where students are challenged to use their creativity and gifts to solve and better understand their learning. Teachers, you do a masterful job creating classrooms where students are nurtured and included, so all students grow. These are strange times we wake up to each day, but one thing is certain, tomorrow your Students Are Looking To You to be their gardener. So stay SALTY.

Below is a link that I have shared before, but I feel it is good to watch and reflect on our practices in the classroom and campuses and if what we do mirrors what we intend. The video is about 20 minutes long, has some humor; it is an easy watch.

Do schools kill creativity? | Sir Ken Robinson


I Believe in U

Always Rep the U

Stay Loyal and True

Dr. Harrell

Do schools kill creativity? | Sir Ken Robinson

UCISD Schoology Parent/Guardian Survey

This survey is being distributed to parents and guardians of students at Uvalde CISD. Whether you have or have not connected to Schoology as a parent, please take a few minutes to complete this survey so that we may determine additional support needed. Thank you in advance for your time and input.

For questions or concerns about Schoology, please reach out to your Blended Learning Specialists at

Saturday Professional Learning Party

On Saturday, September 11th many UCISD Teachers attending a Professional Learning Party. The professional development offered a variety of sessions engaging teachers in enhancing their craft. It was great to see teachers and administration giving their Saturday to support student success. Thank you, to all who participated!


Ms. Debbie Chapoy led one of her 5th Grade ELAR classes on an outdoor writing journey. This activity allowed the learning environment to be changed while writing. Students found an outdoor location to embrace writing. The change in the environment enhanced the writing process by providing students with a space of their own surrounded by unique sounds.
UDLA 60 Seconds of Excellence

Batesville Elementary

On Friday, September 10th Batesville Elementary celebrated Grandparent's Day and First Responder's Day in remembrance of September 11th. Grandparents enjoyed donuts and coffee in the cafeteria. The social included wonderful visiting and celebration of the grandparents.

The First Responder's Day Ceremony began at 7:45 am by the flagpole. The ceremony was a student-led ceremony with Sophia Luna and Dawson Wagner proudly displaying flags. The US Pledge was led by Michael Atkinson. Two heartfelt poems were read a 911 Poem by Emma Ott and a First Responders Poem by Mily Gonzales. The event was properly concluded with a prayer by Santiago Villarreal. It was a beautiful ceremony filled with appreciation and rememberance.

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Crossroads Academy

Students in Ms. Marcy Boales Mentor Class proudly wear their Uvalde CISD District Shirts! It is a sharp-looking group!

Dalton Elementary

Students in Mrs. Kunkel's kindergarten classroom build relationships during circle time. Students use a talking piece to take turns sharing with the class "Something I am good at is...". This was a great opportunity for students to learn more about their classmates and find items of interest within one another. This activity laid the groundwork to enhance students' self-motivation and build relationships.

Flores Elementary

Congratulations to the Flores Elementary Students of the Week!

6th grade -Avah Longoria-Being Responsible

5th grade-Ruvi Reyna -Being Super Helpful

5th grade-Kurstin Ramos - Being Super Helpful

6th grade -Abel Garcia -Showing Kindness to Others

6th grade-Amanda Contreras - Showing Kindness to Others

5th grade - Ervey Sanchez - Being a great role model

6th grade -Genesis Brice - Showing Kindness to Others

6th grade -Kaydynce Aguirre - Being Respectful

6th grade-Juliana Hernández - Being a Great Role Model

6th grade - Emery Villarreal- Being a Good Friend

We see you and we appreciate you! Thank you for being you!

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Morales JH

MJH Pep Rally 09/09/2021

Robb Elementary

Students in Mrs. Robin's class explored building bridges and structural stability. Students worked in groups to discuss the best use of the materials provided to build a bridge that would be able to support an object. The students engaged in great discussion while experimenting with structural stability.

Uvalde High School

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As you may already know, Uvalde CISD adopted a new learning management system under the directive of TEA called Schoology. In November and December of 2020, our district starting communicating this switch to parents, but teachers began learning about this new LMS as early as September. For more information about how to log in to Schoology and get access to your student's account, please check out the resources below.

Schoology Parent Resources

Schoology Parent: How to Create an Account

KVOU District Update

On Thursday, September 9th, our district was represented on Coyote Country 104.9 KVOU by Dr. Harrell and Brenda Mueller. The interview segment included an update on the location and date changes of Coyote Football, great information on the UCISD Candle Shop, and much more. It was a great opportunity for us to share district information.
KVOU District News for U on September 9, 2021 with Special Guest Brenda Mueller
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