Wearing ankle socks?

might as well play without socks!


Im not saying you cant wear ankle socks, but if you play sports.... its time to put them up.Wearing ankle socks can downgrade the way you play! Can you believe that is can also be a hazard to your health? Its true, studys show that waering ankle socks dont give your feet any support and limits them from being the most flexible they can be, and lets not forget that horrible burn you get on the back of your achilles heel from ur shoe rubbing so much and your sock not covering it up. Just stop waering them! Here are some stats.Tim duncan Rookie year with ankle socks 9.7 ppg 3 rpg 1 bpg 2 injurysWhen wearing high or "elite socks" the second season 18.5 ppg 8rpg 2.4 bpg 0 injuryEvery stat nearly doubled, so dont waer ankle socks, dont get injured, and play better.

Socks the support

Thursday, April 11th 2013 at 9pm


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Elite socks

When trying to take your performance to the next level, don't overlook the importance of the right pair of socks. Built for basketball and running, Nike Elite Socks will keep your feet cushioned and comfortable, so you can go hard from start to finish. Built with Dri-FIT fabric to wick sweat away, these socks will help keep your feet dry and fresh. The Nike Elite Basketball Sock is constructed to provide a snug ankle fit, so no matter how hard you play, your socks will keep you playing flexible and injury proof!

Lebron james

Even the best players in the world knows the secrets, of wearing high socks!