Myrtle H. Stevens

Husky Highlights


Our arrival and dismissal process continues to improve each day as everyone learns the routines. Some of the important routines for parent drop off and pick up are included below as a reminder.

I also want to request that cars are very aware and mindful of our crosswalks. We are a neighborhood school and families that live within the walking zone do have children crossing the street. Our crossing guard works hard to keep everyone safe but stopping in the crosswalk is a safety issue and we ask that you avoid entering it unless there is enough space on the road for your car to fully proceed through it.

We are dismissing walkers first to avoid bus and car traffic. They will be dismissed at 3:35 p.m.

1. Please enter the parking lot for parent drop off / parent pick up by turning right, crossing the lane of traffic with a left hand turn is effecting the flow of traffic .

2. When picking up and dropping off, students need to exit the car on the driver's side of the vehicle. This is for everyone's safety.

3. Cars should wait to leave and refrain from passing on the right. This is very dangerous and cannot be allowed.

4. Please place the sign you received on your dashboard so we can speed up the calling of names.

Birthday Policy

We have a policy in our student handbook that states students may not distribute birthday invitations in school. We also do not allow any food items to be sent into school. Last year with COVID we also did not allow students to send in a pencil or trinket for classmates on their birthday. This year we will allow students to send an item like a pencil or eraser, to share with classmates.

We are aware that some families prefer not to celebrate birthdays or holidays. Please communicate with your child's teacher if your beliefs are in conflict with this policy.

Bus Tracker App

Some parents have inquired about the bus tracker app. New Britain Transportation has shared that they will be launching such an app in the next couple of weeks. This is very handy for families to monitor where their child is at the end of the day.

Central office has been working with the bus company and the schools that dismiss before us to improve routes and resolve this issue with late buses. I will be closely monitoring this over the next couple of days. I know that it makes for a very long day for our young students.

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