Newsletter Term 3 Week 9

Patumahoe School 22nd of September 2021

Principal's Desk

Kia ora and greetings to all

Wow! To think that Patumahoe along with Auckland goes back to level 3 today is quite unreal. What a huge effort everybody has put in this last month. A little bit of work left to do yet, but you should all be proud of yourselves for getting on top of this challenge. I live in the country right on the the southside of the Auckland border. We have been plunged back into level 4 for the remainder of this week, but to be honest it is no different to what it has been as we live a long way from the nearest town centre and the pace of life is already very slow out here.

To our students. Well done on all of your efforts with distance learning. Our teachers have pushed you hard and although it may be tough sometimes we are really proud of you and you would have grown because of it. To the parents, thanks for supporting the distance learning at home. I challenge the misconception that lockdown provides loads of extra time and therefore things should be easier. Most of us- teachers included- thrive on routine and organisation, or the humdrum of life in other words. The uncertainty of many things and the tendancy to overthink things can make seemingly simple tasks really challenging. Distance learning could perhaps be the furtherest thing from your priority list at this time. That is okay, because getting out of this at the other end with a happy and healthy whanau and a balanced wairua is the key. So from here on out, do what feels right. If it means 'parking' distance learning for a day or two, then do that.

The senior leadership team met yesterday to have a korero about term 4. We want term 4 to be a return to routine, but also an opportunity to have some fun. Our kids deserve it. So all the boring stuff like reports and assessments will take place as usual. But we have made a commitment to hold Calf Club, Production, Athletics, Y6 City Camp, Prizegiving and all the other cool stuff. I also had a hui with the BOT lastnight and the scheduled Teacher Only Day for the 22nd of October has been cancelled. This decision was made for obvious reasons and will hopefully give families a full week back at level 2 in term 4 (fingers crossed).

Term 4 also brings a few new and very exciting inclusions to our teaching team. Mrs Sheree Edhouse will be teaching a small class of new entrants, and Mr Dennis Cassidy (YES! another Mr) will be teaching Room 3. We also bid a sad farewell to Mr Ross Julian- our IT specialist- who leaves at the end of this term after 20 years working at our school. Ross and his wife are moving down the line for new adventures. He is a very very special part of the Patumahoe family and will be missed.

Calf Club dates are confirmed and this is an exciting development. Please read further on in this newsletter as there are a couple of panui from the PTA and Calf Club committee. I mentioned it in yesterday's school app, but I have been in awe of the almost military level precision and organisation going on behind the scenes by the PTA and the Calf Club committee. What also is very heart warming is the fact that our sponsors have not withdrawn their support, even though we have had to scale down the fundraising side of the event. That speaks volumes for both the businesses and the community spirit of Patumahoe.

As the term draws to a close we will be looking to wind down distance learning programmes next week as teachers have been flat out running them. Next week will be a bit of a fun week, celebrating all the good work that has been done. We will also end the week with a Virtual Assembly on the 1st of October to share and celebrate our learning.

Mr Tawhiti

Missing boy goes barking mad- by Zac Davies

The five year mystery of missing Patumahoe School boy, Zac Davies, has finally been solved with his discovery in an old abandoned dog kennel. At this stage the Police say it looks like the boy has been raised by a pack of wild dogs. Unable to talk, Zac communicates by woofs and growls, begs for food and only answers to the name Buddy.

His relieved parents are grateful for his safe return home although a little concerned about his doggy behaviour. Robin Davies says, “We love having Zac home but he is driving us barking mad. I’m constantly having to scratch his belly and stop him cocking his leg.” Doctors say it will be a long and slow recovery but for now, it’s a dog’s life for Zac.

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1st October- VIRTUAL ASSEMBLY 2.30pm goes online but will be pre-recorded and can be accessed anytime for those who are out and about. Link will be sent to families next week.

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