Telemachy summary

book 1

Athena wants Zeus to release Odysseus, the only Greek who has not returned home from the Trojan War. Odysseus is being held on the island of the nymph Calypso. Poseidon is angered because Odysseus blinded his son, Polyphemus. Zeus agrees and lets Athena, disguised as Mentes, go to Ithaca and talk to Telemachus. She gives Telemachus hope in telling him that his father will return and he needs to stand up to the suitors. She also tells him to go on a journey to find more information about his father. The suitors want to marry Penelope, but she believes that Odysseus is still alive, along with Telemachus. Now Telemachus is thinking about going on the journey that Athena wants him to.
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Book 2: fighting for a dead man

Summary: The suitors still refuse to leave. Telemachus then calls a meeting of all the people. Zeus listens in and sends two eagles from the mountain peak to show he will let Telemachus kill all the suitors. Athena changes into Telemachus and gathers men for his journey. They set off that night to find news of Telemachus’ father Odysseus.
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book 3: Mr. T's Arrival

Telemachus arrives at the city of Pylos, and talks to nestor. As he is talking to them he tells of great stories and adventures that he was in. As night falls Nestor provides them with hospitality, and they spend the night there. In the morning they wake up and nestor sends them on there way. The next day they come to Diocles house and stay the night there.
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book 4: plans to kill

Telemachus arrives in Lacedaemon to see Menelaus. Before Menelaus knows that it is Telemachus, he speaks of Odysseus and makes telemachus weep. Helen comes in and sees that it is Telemachus. Menelaus tells him what he knows about Odysseus and everyone began to weep. Helen put a drug in the wine to make everyone happy again. At home, penelope learns that her son is gone and begins to cry, Meanwhile the suitors are planning on killing her son as she is preparing to marry one of them.