Take Back the Tap

Fall 2015 Newsletter

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ECO Fall Fest

Our first event of the year was at the Environment Collaborative's first annual FallFest during Orientation week! We had a table set up on North Campus with all of our banners and posters to show off all of our initiatives and get freshmen interested in taking back the tap. It was very hot out in the summer sun so we even brought our water coolers to save the day!

Picnic in the Plantations!

Earlier this semester we took advantage of Cornell's beautiful fall weather and met for a potluck picnic in the plantations. It was a great chance to have some fun while eating delicious food, and meeting new members. Good food and good times were had by all!

A Fishy Situation

This semester we started working on a campaign for reducing Cornell’s contribution to plastic pollution in the ocean. We plan to partner with the new organization Plastic Tides and the ECO Waste Team in order to raise awareness about the impacts plastic waste has on marine ecosystems and sealife. Next semester we plan to come up with more ways to further this initiative.

Bring. Your. Own. Bottle!

This semester we worked with Cornell Dining to create signs advertising free tap water in cafes around campus. With a reusable water bottle, you can always ask the cashier to fill it up from the tap for free! It's a great resource that many people don't know about, so spread the word!

Project: Save the Planet

We now have the results of a grueling taste-test battle between tap water, filtered tap water, and bottled water. Filtered tap water has emerged the victor! We had a fun time hanging out in RPCC, teaching people about the joys of drinking tap water. Thanks to the Society for Natural Resource Conservation and Community Center Programs for co-hosting this event with us!

Student Assembly Resolution

Congrats to the Student Assembly Environmental Committee! The TBTT-sponsored Resolution 27: Ending Bottled Water Sales on Cornell Campus was passed by the SA in a very close vote on Friday, December 4th. It will be sent to President Garrett for revisions and will continue to be updated in the spring semester. Please show your support by signing the bottled water petition below!
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