3rd Grade Stars

Room 207's Classroom Newsletter: March 2, 2020

Student Spotlight

This is what we did in February: We first did the kids' heart challenge organized by the gym teacher, Mrs. Sanchez. For Reading, we started a new unit and a new book called Winn Dixie. In reading we had a book club where Mrs. Jordan gave us groups. We each get the same book and we read it with our groups. We had a kindness week. It's where we learned how to pay it forward. Mrs. Wheatley and our whole class did a kindness puzzle to see how a good friend acts. Valentine's Day was so much fun. We got so many goodies and we got to spend time with family and friends. We went down to Mrs. Doherty’s class to make valentines for the Niles Police Department. Also we had a half day from school. In math we started learning about fractions and it was so much fun. Just like we did area and perimeter with our names, we looked at fraction parts with our names. We had Officer Regal teach us how to stay active and eat healthy. We ended the month with International Week the week of the 24th. It was where we shared our culture together, and on International Night there were booths, dancing, and food. That’s what we did in February.

By: Kevin, Reeya, & Abdul Kareem

Happy Birthday!!!

Adessa & Hibba

February Bravery Award Winners

Abdul Kareem, Yasir (music), Amna (library), Lithanya


We have begun Module 5 in Math. In this 35-day module, students extend and deepen Grade 2 practice with equal shares to understanding fractions as equal partitions of a whole (2.G.3). Their knowledge becomes more formal as they work with area models and the number line. Throughout the module, students have multiple experiences working with the Grade 3 specified fractional units of halves, thirds, fourths, sixths, and eighths. To build flexible thinking about fractions, students are exposed to additional fractional units such as fifths, ninths, and tenths.

*Please make sure to practice fluency at home by using Xtra math and math concepts using Zearn and Khan Academy.

Black History Month

Last week, students starting working on a project for Black History Month. Students were able to select one influential person from a list of 5 people in order to form groups. As a class, we decided the steps we would use to complete the project, behavior and project expectations, as well as generate a list of possible final projects. When projects are finished, students will teach the class about their influential person.


Bend II introduces students to a new structure-book clubs- which will support children's work for the remainder of the unit. We will continue to read Because of Winn Dixie and explore following a character across a story. Here is a digital copy of the book. Please do not read ahead of where we are in class.

*Ask students what they have learned about Opal's character and why she says and does things. You can also discuss how characters move along a story mountain.

Character Traits Flocabulary

Reading Logs

Remember to fill out your reading log whenever you are reading! One reading log should be kept at school in the reading folder, and the other log should be kept in the take home folder.

Literary Terms

While we were reading Winn Dixie, we came across a few literary terms:

  • Simile: a comparison using like or as; Ex. The man was as tall as a tree.
  • Metaphor: a comparison not using like or as; Ex: The river was a winding snake in the forest.
  • Onomatopoeia: The formation or use of words that imitate the sounds associated with the objects or actions they refer to. Ex: moo, buzz, splat
Flocabulary Similes and Metaphors
Flocabulary Onomatopoeia

6 Flags- Read to Succeed

There is still time for your students to register to earn a free Six Flags ticket for reading 6 hours!

Parents can register for Read to Succeed using the details below:
  • Register child at sixflags.com/books using code YQYG1
  • By April 17, complete the online reading log for your child.
  • Expect a Six Flags Great America ticket for your child in May!
Once your child is registered, you will have access to your online account.

Mark Twain Yearbook

Ordering Details:

Link: Lifetouch

Code: 14193320

Cost: $12

Deadline: 4/1/2020


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Spelling City

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Riddles of the Month

  • Etga's: What moves but does not have arms and leg, and cries but does not have eyes?

  • Yasir's: What is the coldest letter in the alphabet?

  • Kevin's: What runs but has no legs, you need me but I don't? What am I?

  • Abdul Kareem's: Why couldn't the pirate play cards?

*Turn in a note to Mrs. Jordan's note bin with your name and the answer to the riddle for a chance to earn a cool tool!

Important March Dates

Friday, 3/6: Second Trimester Ends

Sunday, 3/8: Daylight Savings

Monday, 3/9: Early Dismissal @ 11:30am, AM Schedule

Friday, 3/13: Report Cards E-mailed Home

Monday, 3/16: Spring Pictures

Tuesday, 3/17: No School- Presidential Election

Thursday, 3/19: PM Parent Teacher Conferences, 5-8pm

Friday, 3/20: No School for Students- Parent Teacher Conferences, 8-11am

Monday, 3/23- Friday 2/27: No School- Spring Break

Wednesday, 4/1: Deadline to order a Yearbook!