Monday Message

Week of February 18th - February 22nd

It's a 4-Day Week!

I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend! Here's a look at the next 4 days:

Our Week At A Glance....

Monday, February 18th:

*President's Day - No School*

Tuesday, February 19th:

*Shelter Drill & AED Drill*

8:45 IEP Meeting (Kelly)

9:35 IEP Meeting (Kelly)

11:00 Parent Meeting (Kelly)

1:20 RTI Meeting (Traci)

2:10 IEP Meeting (Kelly)

3:15 Advisory Council meeting - Library

Wednesday, February 20th:

8:45 IEP Meeting (Kelly)

10:30 IEP Meeting (Kelly)

10:30 LEAD Mid-Year (Traci)

2:00 IEP Meeting (Kelly)

Thursday, February 21st:

2:15 LEAD Mid-Year (Traci)

6:00 PTA Founder's Day Dinner

Friday, February 22nd:

8:45 Speech IEP Meeting (Traci)

9:00 Dental Program - 2nd Grade - Cafeteria

10:30 IEP Meeting (Kelly)

12:30 Speech IEP Meeting (Traci)

12:30 IEP Meeting (Kelly)

1:45 Kinder Critter Parade and Sing-A-Long

2:15 Speech IEP Meeting (Kelly)

Something To Inspire

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Chuck Poole, author of "uNforgettable" and host of the "Teachonomy" podcast, always has wise, uplifting words for teachers!

Great love stories have enticed people for generations. They have provided laughter and excitement, as well as heartbreak and tears, and I believe Teaching is a love story.
It is filled with emotion, passion, and surprises. In many ways, teachers live a love story every time they step into their classrooms. Sometimes our days are filled with bliss, while other times they are littered with stress and struggle. The key thing to remember, however, is that just like in a true love story, the ‘happily ever after’ is just around the corner.

1. In a love story, ordinary people do extraordinary things. In teaching, teachers possess a passion that drives them to do the impossible.

2. In a love story, there are hurdles around every corner. In teaching, we face obstacles. Instead of giving up or giving in, however, we push through the barriers because we know that what lies on the other side is worth the fight.

3. In a love story, the full range of human emotions are explored, and patience is crucial. In teaching, we know that for every negative emotion that comes our way, there is a much stronger, positive one waiting to reveal itself if we are patient enough to experience it.

4. In a love story, the drive to overcome brings about success. When most people are ready to throw in the towel, Teachers are just beginning to roll up their sleeves. Their love for teaching and for making a difference in their student’s lives is what drives them to overcome anything that tries to hinder progress and growth.

What aspect of your teaching love story do you love the most?

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Can't wait to see what this goes for in the auction at creative! #mrswilson3rdGrade

Something To Make Us Think.....

As we prepare for Rally Day next week, take 5 minutes to watch this video on the importance of sharing our story with our legislators!

Our Bulletin Boards Are Looking "Beefy!"

WOW! Everyone has been pumping iron in the bulletin board department. Look below for just a few examples of what has been popping up in the halls of OSE!

The Halls of OSE

Something To Make Us Laugh....

This one's for you MJ!

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Have a wonderful week - shine bright!