The Life of a Physical Therapist

By: Olivia McCracken

What Physical Therapist Do...

Physical Therapist help people with difficulties in moving. Has physical therapist we motivate, coach, and educate the patient with helpful stretches to get them back up and moving!

How do Physical Therapist Help society

You can train and encourage an amputee to return to normal everyday activities.

What is Required to be a Physical Therapist

To be a physical therapist you will need to have a masters degree from a accredited physical therapy program, a state license, and last but not least you will need passing scores on state and national test.

What is our Annual Salary?

A physical therapist annual salary is $82,390. That's a lot!

What's our Job Growth?

Physical therapist job growth is faster than average (21% or more). We also are in demand.

Cool Fact!

I could teach someone to walk again!

Companies that hire in this field

Health Net, U.S. Army, and Kaiser Permanente
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What we look for in a Therapist

You will want to be able to explain complicated things to patients so they can understand, simple language, and the desire to help those in need, because you can change someones life!