VCR 3 Presentation

Katie Sutcliffe

Choose the Best Word from Lesson 3

Common _____ that appear in ancient North American cave paintings are hunters and prey, such as deer, bison, and bulls.
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icon (n.)

1. an image, representation, or symbol.

2. a representation or picture of a sacred personage or event, traditionally painted on wooden panels in the manner of Eastern Orthodox churches.

3. a person greatly admired for a particular talent, quality, or service.

Alternative Definitions


a symbol or graphic representation on a screen of a program, option, or window, especially one of several for selection.


via Latin from Greek eikōn (likeliness,image), which in turn came from eikenai (be like, look like).

first use in the modern sense (meaning 'simile') in the mid 16th century.

current use dates form the 19th century to the present.


  • figure
  • idol
  • symbol


There are no direct antonyms of icon.

An antonym of symbol is generality.

Choose the Sentence in Which the Word is used Incorrectly

a. The church was decorated with beautiful icons of religious figures.

b. The Beatles are widely considered the icons of pop culture.

c. Sarah painted a beautiful icon of a meadow for her mother's birthday.

d. John flipped through his friend's phone, searching for the Facebook icon so he could open his account.

The Correct Answer is C.

(while icon can refer to a picture, a meadow does not have any religious context, and therefore does not fit the definition of icon.)