What type of disease is malaria?

By: Antonio Alva

What is protozoa?

A protozoa is a unicellular cell, like an animal cell. They have no cell walls as well, and are spread though contaminated food and water. They can also be carried by a vector.
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What are the most dangerous protozoa?

Malaria is the most common type of protozoa. 600 million people suffer from malaria every year, and most of these people are in Central Africa. Malaria is easily spread from mosquitos, so it's mostly seen in warm climates. Malaria also spreads from contaminated food + water, and central Africa has plenty of that.

Many protozoan diseases are also caused by contact with feces, or other vectors such as flies.

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How are protozoan diseases treated?

Trying to control protozoan disease in the first place is hard, because there are no vaccines for them. Anti-parasite medicines are mostly used, but they are now becoming either ineffective due to evolution, or are harmful to humans.