Solar energy

Solar energy works

Renewable energy

Renewable energy is a source of energy that never runs also a natural are some examples sunlight,wind,rain,and other. Renewable energy replaces conventional fuels in our distinct areas. Electrictey generation hot water and more .

Solar energy

I chose solar energy because it is easy but also challenging. How many type of energy works is the sunlight or UV rays shining on the sun Palace and the sun panels take the sunlight and turns it into electrons. Then there are what gives you power to your house and the excess can be sent back to the power plant and when you need it the powerplant can send it back and sun panels are awesome.

Advantages of sun panels

It saves you money. It gives you about the same or more electricity. it also can go on the roof of your house. If they are on the ground you do you do you can get ones that follow the sun. Those are also bigger and those are the adventures.

Disadvantages of sun panels.

It cost a lot of money. They can block out the sun.They are big and bulky. And you might not be able to sun tan or fly a kite and you will have to pay to take care of them. All your children might not be able to play in the backyard those are the disadvantages.


I used Wikipedia here is the link for how solar energy works and wat renewable energy is