By: Ajla Skender

Country of Origion

Rayon is semi-synthetic (man made with natural materials) Rayon is sort of a cheaper version of silk, artificial silk. Rayon was one of the first manufactured fiber. It was originally adopted by the textile industry.

Date of Fiber Inception

As far back as 1664, English naturalist Robert Hooke, theorized a substance similar to that which silkworms secrete to make silk. No one was actually able to succeed until till 1855 to create artificial silk. The Frenchman, George Audemars, was able to accomplish.

Description/Characteristics of fiber

Rayon is a cloth it is soft and comfortable. This is why it is on of the reason it is so desirable as an apparel fabric. It loses a lot of strength when wet because of this it will shrink more than cotton.


Rayon is commonly found as yarn, fabrics, apparel, domestics textiles, industrial textiles. Some examples of these include embroidery thread, dresses, suits, ties, blankets, and curtains. These are some of the many things that are made out of rayon.


Rayon is usually a tighter weave and is flowy and lightweight, there is not a lot of stretch to it/


There is no static build up, a great summer fabric, equally dyes, allowing beautiful, deep, rich colors. Since rayon is the most absorbent of all cellulose fibers, it absorbs perspiration and allows it to evaporate from the skin.


It is easily caught on fire, it is damaged by weak acids, losses strength when wet and shrinks. Easily damaged because of poor elasticity.
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Washability/Fabric care

For best results usually requires dry cleaning. Also you can normally machine wash and tumble dry.

Fun Facts

The creation of man-made fibers has only been within the last 100 years. Rayon, was the first man-made fiber created in 1910 and it was called 'artificial silk'. Viscose is the most common form of Rayon.