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In dental offices, there are many day to day administrative duties and procedures are being performed by trained professionals. Dental assistants also performs particular work tasks needed inside the industry. For most of dental offices, educational training requirements are standard students can obtain training by first researching the various dental assistant career training and study options. Many people avoid going to the dentist, even when they suspect they have cavities. In response to these kind of anxieties, many oral care professionals now use a technique called sedation dentistry which is a method of performing dental work that alleviates the stress, pain, and discomfort. With the immense popularity of dentistry training and education, many sedation courses have now been introduced.

If you want to get yourself enrolled in any of the sedation courses for dentists, then visit Conscious Sedation Consulting LLC. It is an ADA CERP approved provider of continuing education, consulting, and training services for dental and medical providers in the administration of analgesia and sedation. The main motive of mission is to transfer knowledge and expertise developed through years of anesthesia experience to non-anesthesia medical and dental providers.

They provide training and education services via live seminars or private on site consultations. All of their educational courses have been developed by utilizing the skill sets and knowledge from years of practice in the art of anesthesiology that will allow you to safely offer sedation services to your patients. By proper training and education, one can demonstrate the confidence and competence required to deliver exceptional health-care services.

Conscious Sedation Consulting LLC is specialized in providing IV dental sedation training for dentists around the country. This IV sedation dentistry course is a comprehensive “mini residency” designed to prepare the dentist to incorporate intravenous sedation into the dental practice. It includes a minimum of 60 hours of didactic/classroom education and direct participation in administering IV sedation to 20-30 clinical dental cases while being observed. In addition to this, airway management and medical emergencies are also included and total CE credits will be of 100 hours approximately. This course is developed and presented in accordance with the American Dental Associations "Practice Guidelines for Teaching Comprehensive Control of Pain and Anxiety in Dentistry" Part III and "Practice Guidelines for Sedation by Non-anesthesia Providers" by the American Society of Anesthesiology.

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