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Women to stop suffering and to start Sufferage!

Women have been known as the second tier people and now they're sick of it. Everyone deserves equal rights no matter what race, gender or what culture you belong to. Protesting everyday and parading through the streets, exclaiming that they deserve the right to vote. Power to the women!
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Amelia Earhart to fly even higher!

Amelia Earhart, born on July 24, 1897, now 22 in 1922, has set the world record for male and female pilots by flying at an altitude of 14,000 feet! Congratulations Amelia! She hopes to conquer her dreams of flying across the world, solo! Is she crazy or ambitious? You decide! She also plans to set many other records and become the first woman pilot to be known world wide. As said in a recent interview, "By the time I was 200 or 300 feet off the ground, I knew I had to fly..."

Amelia Earhart and her favorite yellow plane "Canary".

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Save wheat! Help fleet!

Eat less bread! Participating in Wheat-less Wednesdays or Meatless Mondays will help us win the war by saving food for the soldiers. Planting victory gardens and eating

home-grown foods will also help the soldiers ten fold by saving food to send to the east. Going with Heat-less Mondays will save fuel needed by the navy and army or transport troops. Please participate and help our precious soldiers! Save the resource! Help the war cause!

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No Man's Land... Ever.

The Battlefield... Only few can imagine the horrors that lay upon the grimy field.Pictures were took (seen below) of the nasty battlefield and brought back to the U.S for people to seen the actually terror in war. Bodies, everywhere. Shells, every place you could imagine.

People "Flapper"gasted about new crazes.

Men and some women are shocked to see younger generations changing at rapid rates, especially the young women between 15 - 24. These women are changing how the look and see the world by cutting their hair to neck length, wear shorter dresses, driving, smoking and even drinking! New experiences being invented and new technology being created by the young minds of the changing youngsters!
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The Classified Ads

FOR SALE: House for Sale!! $10,000. 1 Bedroom. 1 Bath. BUY NOW!!

WANTED: Miners. Must put effort into work. 65¢ a day.

Please help win war by planting victory gardens! Go Allies!!

For Sale- NEW vacuum cleaner! Model-O only $75!! BUY TODAY!

Services: Meat packers wanted. 75¢ per day. Sign today!

WWI: WANTED: Men 21 - 30 wanted for draft. Sign in today!


In the east, Spanish forces were taking over the Philippines by force. The Filipinos were chased down by the Spanish and had little hope that they could fight and win against them. But, America interfered in the war. America, being as strong as we are, fight off and decimate the Spanish. We protect the Philippines and make it so the Spanish cannot take it over again.

The Meat-packers Theory: The Jungle

Ever wonder what it's like to work as a meat-packer? Do you think it's a great job, easy to make money off of and you barely work at all? If you think this at all, you are wrong.

The meat-packing industry is literal torture to those who work there. Blood spilled everywhere due to all the fresh cut meat, flies everywhere, the unbearable smell of lukewarm meats, and the chance of falling into the vats of oil and hot liquids. As one meat-packer explained, "The smell is awful, the floor is always covered in the sticky smelly blood of "fresh" cut meats, there are flies everywhere and its too crowded to do any job efficiently. The hours are long, way to long of anyone to work properly and the pay is horrid. A flower picker probably makes more then I do..."