Logging in to SD-STARS

Website address, User ID & password

Users who wish to log in to SD-STARS can go to https://doestars.sd.gov/.*

In SD-STARS, the User ID is the user's email address.

The password depends on the user's email domain. A domain is the part of an email address that appears after the @ symbol.

*Microsoft no longer supports Internet Explorer (IE). Please use Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Safari when accessing SD-STARS.


Users with emails ending in "@k12.sd.us" have been given a password by the K12 Data Center to access emails. This same password will work to log in to SD-STARS.

Password Assistance

  1. Every public school district in South Dakota has a Technology Coordinator, who is able to reset or manage user passwords set by the K12 Data Center. To find your district's Technology Coordinator, please visit https://doe.sd.gov/ofm/edudir.aspx.
  2. If you can't find the help you need through your Technology Coordinator, you may request the K12 Data Center to reset your password by emailing Help@k12.sd.us.

Self-service for "@k12.sd.us" users

You can test your password directly through the K12 Data Center's webmail sign-in and member sign-in options. To do this, visit https://www.k12.sd.us/.

All other domains

Users with emails ending in domains other than "@k12.sd.us" were given a password when their SD-STARS account was created.

Password Assistance

The SD-STARS login page features a "Manage Passwords" link that allows users with non-K12 domains to change passwords. Follow these steps to successfully change your password. Click on each thumbnail to open a larger screenshot of each step.

Step 4

You may now enter a new password to use for SD-STARS. After confirming the new password, click "Submit."

You have successfully changed your password, and will be directed to the login page.

Terms of agreement

After logging in to SD-STARS for the first time, each user will need to accept the terms of agreement. The agreement specifies the rules for using the SD-STARS portal. It covers the basic guidelines surrounding the responsible use of reports and data housed within the portal. This is done to keep the user mindful of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA.) Users may periodically be asked to accept newly updated terms of agreement.

Troubleshooting and Support

Troubleshooting tips

If you have issues logging in, visit the SD-STARS "Login Help" page at https://doestars.sd.gov/LoginHelp.aspx. When applied, the troubleshooting tips mentioned on this page often eliminate obstacles that users face when logging in to SD-STARS.

Local Support - STARS Account Managers can help!

Every public district in South Dakota has a STARS Account Manager (SAM), who is able to approve accounts and check user permissions. To find your district's SAM, please visit https://doe.sd.gov/ofm/edudir.aspx.


General Mailbox, for the quickest response to any question

Sara Kock, Team Lead

(605) 220-6548

Kim Carlson, Project Manager

(605) 773-8062