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Background Information-

  • Parents were Titans Cronos and Rhea
  • Hera's father swallowed her because he did not want any one to take his power but then was tricked in to throwing his children back up
  • Sister and wife of Zeus (Zeus's seventh wife)

Hera's Children-

  • Gave birth to her children without help of men
  • First born was Hephaestus, the Smith-God
  • Second born was Hehe, the Goddess of Youth
  • Her final child was Ares, the God of War
  • to her stepchildren she portrayed jealousy and anger toward them

What was she known for?

  • Mainly worshiped as goddess of marriage and birth
  • Queen of heaven
  • Independent and willful goddess
  • Queen of gods

Dedications to Hera

  • The peacock was and cows were her sacred animal
  • The pomegranate was also dedicated to her
  • Traditionally a woman's games festival dedicated to hera was also held in Olympus every four years
  • Art references including sculptures and carvings were dedicated to her


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