Pocahontas and Cannibalism

The Southern Colonies

John Smith and England

John Smith was English soldier, explorer, and author. He trained the settlers in Jamestown to farm and work. John and the settlers left Europe December 20th 1606 and arrived in Virginia April 1607. They were in Virginia for 8 months before he was captured by cheer Powhatan in December 1607. After he was returned to his fellow colonist members he became the president of their Jamestown council. He was badly injured by a mysterious gun powder incident and was sent back to England for treatment. He died in England 1631.

Canabalism in Jamestown

In the winter of 1609 through 1610 people began to starve so much that they resorted to Canabalism. The first archeological evidence was found in 2013. They found a young girl's remains that had been eaten and dismembered among other 1600s artifacts.

Pocahontas and Her Tribe

Pocahontas was the favorite daughter of the most powerful Native American in Virginia. She was very interested in the settlers and colonists, for example John Smith. She grew up as a Peace maker between the English and her tribes. Pocahontas was directly connected to the English and Powhatan Indians before she was kidnapped for a year. She then announced that she was to convert to Christianity and marry a English Tabacco grower named John Rolfe. After Pochahantas died her uncle took the opportunity to attack the colonist resulting in many English deaths.

Key Players


John Smith


European settelers

Problem Goal

The goal was to survive

The problem was the winters were harsh and they were in a new place.


It was in 1607

Jamestown Virginia