Why I'm still sparkling

When God gives us rocky paths, he provides strong shoes. Luckily, I've always been a shoe girl so I'm strapping on my strong shoes and hitting the pavement running

Now that Calder is in a much more stable position and our days have become "boring", I have been able to think about what our new normal will look like. .....Since that got overwhelming, I decided to stick with what I know. I have so many clients I'm looking forward to catching up with upon our return back home. I miss the salon life and the smell of hair color!

On the Premier side of things, I have SO many ideas up my sleeve for how I will be reinventing my business with a new purpose in mind. I will not be doing home shows for a while, however, if I stop working my business I will not be able to have the time to rebuild it as I'd like to. With that being said, from now until the end of March I will occasionally be running specials. There will be no rhyme or reason, it will be whenever the mood strikes and whenever Calder is having an exceptionally boring day!

I will also still have the option of catalog shows available to whoever wants a couple pieces of jewelry for free. These will strictly work off of my online website because all of the catalogs are available to see on there. With a minimum of $100 in sales, you will receive 20% of your total sales in free jewelry PLUS one half price item. If your sales are under $100 you will still receive one item at half price.

You can place orders or ask any questions by emailing me at justbeyoutiful@yahoo.com or by sending me a PM.

I will be able to accept credit cards and checks .....or your two cents about the specials I run ; )

You can visit my website and check out the new catalogs by clicking here : http://danya.mypremierdesigns.com

Access code is : glam