Articles of Confederation

Disadvantages and Advantages

What are the Articles of Confederation?

A written document that discussed an early form of government.There were unified armies for the states, each state had a vote (legislature system), the states had power to control an army, and had the ability to deal with foreign countries on their behalf. The Articles of confederation were drawn up by the Second Continental Congress.


-incorporated a unified army for the states

-a legislature was set up so that each state had one vote apiece

-there was the ability to grow and control an army

-there was the ability for Congress to deal with foreign countries

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-National government could not enforce the laws, meaning that even if they were ratified, states could still ignore them

-National government couldn't tax

-Congress needed 9/13 states' approval to pass a law

-Congress needed all 13 states say to amend a law

-No executive or judicial branch

-Caused the states to have a hard time in the economy, particularly when each state started taxing the others, and trade was damaged








Why was the government created with a weak central government?

The states wanted to have as much independence as they could and maintain their power without sharing their power with a central government.