Ender's Game

Book Report by: Luke Ravsten

Author: Orson Scott Card

Publisher: Tom Doherty associates LLC

Title:Ender's Game

Genre: Sci-Fi (Science Fiction)


Andrew Ender Wiggin goes to a battle school in space to become an Ace Commander in battle. He goes because at this point in the future earth was invaded a couple of times and Earth is in need of a new commander to fight of the next bugger(the aliens) invasion. Ender goes to battle school and builds up his rank quickly and soon passes battle school and is then brought to command school. In command school he gets to work with his old toon leaders(troop leaders from the army he commanded) and commands them in the simulators ,like a real commander and does battles with a pretend army in the simulators.

In the end the story surprises you with an unsuspected ending that makes you feel different about a certain misjudged character(s) (I'm not giving it away!)

Ratings and some last Opinions

Barns and Noble gives it a 4.5 and Goodreads gives it a 4.3. You need to read this book before it's not in stores it's an amazing book it's an old book so get it fast! I love this book and strongly recommend this book for any reader!!!!!!!!! (I feel sad for poor Ender being taken away from his family for years in space of drills and work. If I was Ender I'd miss my family too.) Read this Book!