Waipipi School 2022

Term 1: Monday 21st February


If Waipipi students or staff members have been tested positive with Covid-19:

1. The principal will be contacted and will follow Ministry of Education/Health guidelines and advice.

2. A plan will be constructed with ministry guidance.

3. The community will be told immediately of the plan that has been put in place by school app and teacher emails.

If you have any concerns, please email Mrs Brown directly.


Police designed and supported programmes being run at Waipipi mid to late Term 1

On Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th March, Constable Glenys Randall from NZ Police, will be visiting each class to introduce herself to the children. These visits will enable students to get all their questions around her job, uniform and car covered so that when she visits as part of the learning programme, the students will be more focussed.

Years 1-8 will be running through the "Keeping Ourselves Safe" Programme. Waipipi teachers will cover most of the programme's content, however Constable Randall will support teachers with the lessons covering more complex themes. Following the "Keeping Ourselves Safe" programme, the Year 7-8 students will also complete the Kia Kaha programme.

In the "Keeping Ourselves Safe " programme, the students will learn:

  • to work out when their safety is at risk
  • how to keep safe when they meet and mix with other people
  • who and how to ask for help if they, or someone they know, is being abused
  • to go on asking for help until someone does something to stop the abuse
  • that it is important to make and follow personal, family and school safety rules.

They will know:

  • that abuse is never okay
  • that abuse is never their fault.

Parents and whānau are strongly encouraged to support Keeping Ourselves Safe.

  • You can attend a meeting at school to tell you more about Keeping Ourselves Safe.
  • You can find out about abuse and what to do if you think a child you know is being abused.
  • You can talk to your child about what they have learnt in Keeping Ourselves Safe.
  • You can set safety guidelines with your family.
  • You can help young children with the Keeping Ourselves Safe activities they bring home.
  • You can give the same safety messages as the school is giving.

Common Questions

Why does my child need Keeping Ourselves Safe?

Any child can be abused. While the family home may be a safe place, the child will have contact with many people and enter a number of other homes. You can’t keep them safe all the time. If it doesn’t happen to your child, and we hope it doesn’t, it may happen to their friend.

Doesn’t Keeping Ourselves Safe destroy a child’s innocence?

Children have the right to be protected from all types of abuse and to learn how to keep safe. Abusers may take advantage of children's innocence and their ignorance about what is inappropriate reportable behaviour. Keeping Ourselves Safe teaches children safety skills appropriate to their age, in a safe, positive classroom environment. Keeping Ourselves Safe also supports parents and whānau with information to help them protect their children from all types of abuse.

II teach my child about stranger danger. Isn’t that enough?

Most children are abused by someone they know. If you teach them that abuse only happens from people they don’t know, they will not recognise it when it is done by a known and often trusted person.

What sort of abuse are we talking about?

There are five types of child maltreatment – physical, emotional, sexual, neglect and family violence. The programme also addresses cyber abuse. All forms are damaging for a child.

How will I know what is being taught?

The school will send information home, and your child will bring home activities to complete with you. Lesson plans are available on the NZ Police website for you to see what is being taught. You can contact your school at any time

Can I withdraw my child from Keeping Ourselves Safe?

You can withdraw your child if the school agrees to this. Remember, though, that any child can be abused and your child does need some education on how to avoid abuse.

hould I prevent my child from going on the internet?

There are unsafe situations that can arise online. However, the internet is also a valuable information and social tool.

To help your child keep safe, make sure the computer is in a family space, personal devices are not in bedrooms overnight, and your child knows never to give out their name and address online, or to agree to meet someone they have met online.

Talk to your child about what they do and enjoy online, in the same way you ask them about their day at school.

Visit the Parent section on Netsafe’s website(link is external) for more advice and support.

Term 1 Theme/Fun days

Friday 25th February

Waterslide Day

Friday 18th March

Waiuku Colony Cat Rescue - Mufti Day.

Students are invited to bring some cat food or donate money to support Waiuku Colony Cat Rescue. (Blurb is from their facebook page with permission)

Waiuku Colony Cat Rescue was established in 2008 to help manage cat colonies within the Waiuku town area. They currently feed 30 colony cats 365 days of the year. They manage the colonies to ensure every cat is desexed, healthy and happy.

In addition to managing the colonies they also take in cats in kittens that are in need of loving forever homes. They specialise in kittens that have had no human contact and therefore require lots of taming therapy.

They are always seeking donations, of food, litter and blankets. If you would like to donate to their cause, their bank account is 06-0477-0147595-00. If you would like to donate goods rather than money, they can be dropped off at Franklin vets or contact them directly and they can arrange pick up.


Swimming Practice at Town Pools

Tuesday 22nd February Room 8

Tuesday 1st March Room 4 and 5

Waipipi PTA meeting: Monday 21st of February 2022. 7:15pm at the Waipipi Hall (Not the school hall). All parents are welcome to come along.

Board of Trustees meeting in the staffroom at 7pm

Tuesday 22nd February

Technology at View Road

Friday 11th March

Waiuku Colony Cat Rescue - Mufti Day.

Friday 18th March

Board of Trustees meeting in the staffroom at 7pm

Tuesday 22nd March

Technology at View Road

Friday 25th March

Technology at View Road

Friday 8th April

Board of Trustees meeting in the staffroom at 7pm

Tuesday 12th April

School Lunches

There will be no school lunches under "Red" Covid Traffic Light System.

Our vision: Waipipi Students are successful learners, who communicate

confidently, and interact positively with others.