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She had gone to a school that they had made a trouble to get into because since she was African American they did not wont her to get in but she did get in and many people hatted her.She had left that all aside and when she started to grow up she still went to school and did what she wanted to do.She had protested to change the rules on how African american kids should both go to school together without any problems.


She was born in the 8th of September of 1954 in Mississippi.When she 6 years old she had attended school in an all white kids.She was born in the year that they supreme court had declared school segregation to end.She was choosen to take the quiz to enter and see of she was capable of entering.She went into the school and many people thought it was something crazy and they said many things about her and hated her decision.


Ruby bridges accomplishments

She has earned a medal of Presidential Citizen Medal for been someone strong and with her courage.She gets a section on the Children's Museum of Indianapolis refering to all her great work and what she had done. She brought schools together to accept all kids of any color.


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