Wanted Asta's son

Logan Perkins

You want to find asta's son?

If asta's son is cought then all of that money that you can earn. Why give that up why not have more than you earn in one month and even more. Have enought food for the winter and more left over. You can have all of the bread you want. You can have your own cottage and you can expand your farm land to make evan more money. Maybe become one of the richest people alive. You can have every thing if you catch asta's son. So go out their and catch asta's son. For that reward


Asta's son was now delaerd a wolfhead for steeling from the manor house. He came in and took the money. He also stayed up passed curfude. Crispin also was not praying when the church bells rang. Asta's son can do much more so we need to stop him before asta's son can do any more to this city. We all need to make sure that he can't do any more harm to any city or ours.

Dead or alive and reward

whom who gets asta's son alive will get a reward of 30 shillings and 2 plowing horses 4 cows and will be free (only if pesant) That is enought to live a long and healthy life. If you get asta's son cut or missing a body part you will get 30 shillings and 2 cows and 1 plowing horse. If you get asta's son dead you will get 30 shillings. Make sure asta's son is found or all of the things offered will get burnt. If he is in the church find away to get him out.

If you found asta's son

Send you messigar: to West of the london land. To the manor house left of the church.

To collect the reward come to the pesint land to get caddle at 4 church bell and shillings.