The Problem with Texas Annexation

By: Ashtyn Kinciad

What is the significance to Texas being Annexed to the U.S ?

The signafacance of Texas being Annexed to the U.S are

1. getting closer to Manifest Destiny

2. Having Slaves/ Slavery

3. War with Mexico.

Manifest Destiny

The Americans thought that if texas was annexed to the U.S it would bring them closer to the Manifest Destiny, which could end up to war with mexico. When Texas joined the United States, the U.S. was one step closer to getting California and all the states that lie betwwen there.

Having Slaves/ Slavery

From the Free Black Texan point of view Manifest Destiny will cause spread of slavery. Slaves think that its unfair because they are going to lose all of their rights they were promised

Sectionalism and Slavery.

War with Mexico.

Mexico won't recognise Texas as apart of the United States which will start war, from the American point of view. Mexico did not recognioze the Treaties if Velasco and because of this , it did not recognize us as independent or currently, as apart of the United States.

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