Coordinator Corner

I hope that August’s edition of the Southgate Medallion Tribute finds you well and enjoying summer with your day home children.

Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease

Unfortunately there have been some instances of children getting Hand, Foot and Mouth. It is an incredibly infectious disease and so it is important to be aware of the signs, symptoms and what to do and tell your parents if you suspect a child has this.

Please see the link below for more details:

Ratio Review

Standard 6: Numbers and Ages of Children:

For the safe operation of your day home, it is important that you are aware of Standard 6 – Ratios. When you are interviewing parents or deciding to take a back up care child into your day home, having an understanding of this standard is essential. For reference, use your Educator Hand Book.

The standard states:

Programs may accommodate a maximum of six children 0-12 years old, not including the educator’s own children (aged over 3 years).

A maximum of three children may be 36 months or younger.

A maximum of two children may be 24 months or younger.

All children 12 and under present in the home must be counted in the six-child limit (not including the educator’s own children). The only exception is if a visiting child’s parent/guardian or care provider is present and supervising that child.

Otherwise, any visiting child is counted, regardless of whether or not the program educator is being paid to care for the child. For example, if a friend of the educator’s child visits after school, the educator must count that child because he or she requires direct supervision.

Please use this chart as a guide.

Number of Children - Ages

  • 2 children 0-2 years old (Including your own)

  • 1 child 2-3 years old (Including your own)

  • 3 children Over the age of 3 years old

OR –

Number of Children Ages

  • 3 children 2-3 years old (Including your own)

  • 3 children Over the age of 3 years old

Note: Always ask for the child’s date of birth instead of asking “How old is your child”. This is to ensure the correct age and ratio.

I hope you have an amazing August.

Emma Dajavs


Learning Story

Why write a learning story?

  • Helps children revisit their experience and give them opportunity to express their accomplishment
  • Helps to document children’s dispositions to learn with daily experience of care, play, and development
  • Provide families with documentation of their child’s learning
  • Documenting children’s care, play, learning, and development using photography, recorded words, and collected artifacts of children’s work makes children’s dispositions to learn visible.

What are the five dispositions?

  • I/We are playing and playful
  • I/We are Seeking
  • I/We are Participating
  • I/We are Persisting
  • I/We are Caring

Keep in mind Noticing, Naming, Nurturing children’s disposition to learn

  • Noticing- What have you noticed in child’s play. What you see or hear child was doing or saying.
  • Naming- making a connection of the play with their learning
  • Nurturing- care for and encourage the growth or development of children

Dispositions to learn are nurtured and strengthened, or diminished, through daily interactions of care, play, and learning as well as through the design of the play and learning environment (time, space materials and participation)

How to write learning story in a simple way?

  • Have a title – let your title be catchy or attractive
  • Have clear pictures
  • Tell the audience what is happening- your objective observation (What you see and what you heard the child doing and saying)
  • Write what it means (What was the child’s learning from the experience- connect to the dispositions and holistic play-based goals.)
  • What are the next steps? Write how you could extend the experience by planning more activities or providing more materials
  • Write your name and date.



Information update forms will be sent out soon. Children registered after the month of May, 2022 are not required to fill out the form.

Please ensure that school age information update forms are completed including the field trip forms, permission for child to walk, and school information cards.

Contact your consultants for more details.

Welcome to New Consultants


Hello. I come from an early childhood educator background. I worked at the University Infant Toddler Center for 7 years while also finishing my degree at the University of Alberta; majoring in Psychology years ago.

Currently I am taking the Graduate Certificate in Educational Studies focusing on Early Childhood Education. I am hoping to use this as a steppingstone into my


I have a family that consists of 5 people: my mother, father, sister, brother, and chubby cat. I’ve also been engaged for two years and hoping we can have our wedding soon.

Some hobbies I have include cooking, painting, nail art, playing the flute, buying collectables, boxing, plants, home making and video games.

I love helping children grow and explore their culture, surroundings, and beliefs. I am excited to be working with your team at Southgate Medallion Day homes. I am looking forward to getting to know the team, the educators, children, and their parents/guardians.

I'm definitely very nervous and excited to get started, don’t forget to come and say hi! I can't wait to meet everyone.


I am Junie Shrestha, a new consultant at Southgate Medallion Family Day Home. I graduated in MSc. in Human Development and Early Childhood Disorder from University of Texas at Dallas. I have been working in the field of child care for almost 10 years. I love working with children.

My children have been going to day home provider through Southgate Medallion since they were little and I would love to keep them there as long as possible. Though my experiences have been in working at child care centers, I am very enthusiastic about this new endeavor of working for family day homes.

I look forward to helping the educators in creating a loving, caring, and nurturing environment for the children and continue to learn with them during the process.


Hi, my name is Mariam and I am excited to be back with Southgate Medallion Family Day Homes. A few years back, I was a consultant but took sometime off to spend with my kids and family. I have three kids of my own and love to spend time with them, especially outdoors.

I love to be creative, organize anything and eat chocolate! I am looking forward to getting to know everyone again and becoming reacquainted with those I knew before.


Here's a healthy snack recipe to try during this summer.


Annual insurance payment is due and the agency will be taking payment of $257 from your July's paycheck. Inactive educators should reach out to their consultants about sending an etransfer.


Please note that the office will be closed on Monday, August 1, 2022 for Heritage Day.

Please contact the emergency number 780-245-3097 during this time.