Pluto Facts

  • Pluto is a dwarf planet
  • It has a diameter of 2372 km
  • It was discovered on the 2/18/1930
  • It was discovered by Clyde Tombaugh
  • Pluto is made mostly out of ice with some metals in its rocky core.
  • Pluto has been a dwarf planet since 2006
  • At the time when Pluto is the furthest away from earth it is 7.5 billion kilometers away
  • When it is at its closest it is 4.28 billion kilometers
  • Pluto is named after a Roman God
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New Horizons

New Horizons is a telescope that was launched into space in 2006. It's goal was to take pictures of Pluto. It currently hurtling through the earth at 60000 km per hour and now it is close enough to take good pictures.

Pluto's Moons

Pluto has five moons. The easiest to see from Pluto is Charon. The next moon is Nix, then Hydra, Kerberos and then Styx. Pluto's Moons are made of ice. Nix and Hydra are only 46 to 56 kilometers long. Charon is a huge 1,212 kilometers long. Kerberos is 1207 kilometers long. Styx on the other hand is only 7 kilometers.