The White Rose Resistance

Long Live Freedom

Who Lead The White Rose Resistance?

In 1942, a secret anti-Nazi group lead by 3 students of the University of Munich formed. The 3 leaders of this rebellion were Hans Scholl, Sophie Scholl, and Christoph Probst, they aware people of what the Nazi's were really doing and what they thought would actually happen.

What Happened During The White Rose Resistance?

Hitler was cruelly treating people . People were either oblivious or to afraid to state their opinion. In 1942- 1943 they sent out papers in people's mailboxes all around Germany. Stating they're opinion about Hitler and how his reign shall end.


Effects of the White Rose Resistance

Spread the Word

They sent the leaflets and flyers through the postal sevice. They didn't write they're names. The letters had a big impact on the community. Everyone got in on it. People started spray painting on wall " Down with Hitler" and "Freedom!"

White Rose Lives On

One night Sophie and Hans were putting the letters in the mailboxes and a Nazi caught them. They were immediately sent to jail and sentenced to death. Hans yelled a his famous quote "Long live freedom" before being beheaded. Later Hitler killed all the kids who went to Munich University because he was paranoid. That made people even more motivated to rebel.
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