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Matthew I. Doran

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Curriculum Division

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May 2020

In this edition:

  • Curriculum: Teaching Columbus: "Influenza School Closures in Columbus, 1918-1919"
  • Curriculum: Transition to Revised Standards for American History and American Government
  • Student Programs: Summer School
  • Professional Development: New Visible Learning for Social Studies Book
  • Professional Development: Facing History Webinars
  • Professional Development: Teaching American History Webinars


Teaching Columbus: "Influenza School Closures in Columbus, 1918-1919"

Although our systemic transition to distance learning is indeed unprecedented in the history of education, it is not the first time schools have faced an extended closure due to a pandemic.

Matt Doran has published a two-part article on the Teaching website, "Influenza School Closures in Columbus, 1918-1919". Part 1 details the chronology of school closures and captures some of the reactions from the Class of 1919 high school yearbooks. Part 2 sets the events in the context of schooling during World War I and Progressive Era.

The original sources for the articles are linked in the Endnotes. Sources in the "My History" section of the Columbus Metropolitan Library are open-access. If you have a library card, you can use a card number and pin to access the full-text articles from the Columbus Dispatch.

This is a great opportunity for a teachable moment with students by connecting past and present.


Transition to Revised Standards for American History and American Government for 2020-2021

The transition to the revised Ohio's Learning Standards for Social Studies will be complete in 2020-2021 as high school American History and American Government curriculum and state tests are aligned with 2018 standards.

Some of the changes involve only minor wording revisions. In American History, there are more substantial changes in the language of the founding documents standards to emphasize the impact, instead of the origins, of the founding documents.

In American Government, standards related to the amendments have been consolidated and focus on the collective impact of groups of amendments, rather than memorizing individual amendment numbers.

Curriculum revisions for HS American History and American Government are currently in process. The revised Clear Learning Targets and Curriculum Maps will be available by the end of May. Revisions to the Model Curriculum Lessons will take place in June.

In the meantime, you can take note of the changes via the crosswalk documents below.


Student Programs

Summer School

At this point, no final decisions have been made with regard to summer school opportunities for this year. As information becomes available, you will receive updates via email.


Professional Development

New Book on Visible Learning for Social Studies

VISIBLE LEARNING® for Social Studies, Grades K-12 shows how the field is more than simply memorizing dates and facts—it encapsulates the skillful ability to conduct investigations, analyze sources, place events in historical context, and synthesize divergent points of view.

The Visible Learning framework demonstrates that learning is not an event, but rather a process in which students move from surface-level learning to deep learning, and then onto the transfer of concepts, skills, and strategies. Encouraging learners to explore different facets of society, history, geography, and more, best practices for applying visible learning to social studies curriculum are presented through:

  • A scaffolded approach, including surface-level learning, deep learning, and transfer of learning
  • Examples of strategies, lessons, and activities best suited for each level of learning
  • Planning tools, rubrics, and templates to guide instruction

Click here to purchase the book at a 20% percent discount from Corwin. Also get free shipping with code TESHIP at checkout

Co-author Julie Stern will be hosting free book discussions via Zoom. Here are the details:

Topic: Visible Learning for Social Studies Book Club


  • May 21: Chapters 1 and 2
  • May 28: Chapters 3 and 4
  • June 4: Chapter 5 and extended Q&A

Time: 4:00 PM EST

Click here to register for the book discussion group.

Julie Stern: Visible Learning for Social Studies


Facing History Webinars

Facing History has several online workshops and classes in May and June. Topics include:
  • Holocaust and Human Behavior
  • Upstanding in a Time of Crisis
  • Civic Engagement in a Digital Age
  • A New Approach to Teaching the Reconstruction Era

You can access the full list and register here:


Teaching American History Webinars

The Teaching American History program at Ashland University will present a special webinar series on American Heroes. All four episodes in this series will take place on Wednesdays at 1pm EST, and will each run for 60 minutes.

Each episode will focus on two heroes – one well-known and one lesser-known – and will feature relevant original documents and thoughtful analysis and conversation about these individuals.

For documents and panelist bios click on the individual program links below.

All attendees will be provided with access to primary source readings before each episode airs, and will be emailed a printable certificate to account for continuing education.