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April 29, 2021

Mark Your Calendars:

  • 4/30: 2pm Early Release (2pm Staggered Dismissal Times)
  • 5/3: Texas Roadhouse Fundraising Night. Yum!
  • 5/5: Nurse Appreciation Day!
  • 5/7: 2pm Early Release
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The week of May 3rd is Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week!

Thank you to the amazing teachers and staff that make

Sonoran Foothills an amazing place for our children to learn & grow.

Your efforts, compassion, energy, kindness, and professionalism are beyond appreciated!


The book fair is here!

Classes have already started previewing the fair. Be sure to set up an eWallet to allow your child to purchase books easily and safely. Want to have fun with reading this summer? Check out the 50 Ways to Read! See your child at the fair!

Visit https://www. for more information.

All Things EQ (from the Founder, Danna Evans):

This quarter the theme has been, "Am I focusing on solutions instead of problems?"

Being a solution-oriented person rather than a problem-oriented person is not as easy as it may seem because children love to blame their siblings or parents for their problems. (Or is this just my kids?!) I find my kids (and myself at times) can confuse problem-solving with problem-sharing. Problem-solving is when you are talking about potential solutions, and problem-sharing is when we complain about the problem.

The terms Problem-sharing and Problem-solving can help make the differences easier to spot.

Here are some ways to help your kids recognize the difference:

When we problem share:

1. We focus on the past by only talking about the problem.

2. We find someone or something to blame.

3. We don't solve the problem; we complain about the problem.

4. We ask, "Why me?" or "How is this happening?" But we don't want help or advice.

When we problem-solve:

1. We focus on the future by talking about solutions.

2. We say "Bye-Bye" to blame.

3. We don't complain about the problem; we solve the problem.

4. We ask, "How can I make it better?" We accept help and listen to advise.

Often, students are not aware that they are not solving the problem because they confuse the time they spend complaining as problem-solving.

Problem-sharing often creates more problems.

Problem-solving skills create leaders!

Encouraging kids to problem-solve is helpful and easy. You can acknowledge their previous victories by saying they have handled plenty of difficulties so far and that they will continue to do so because they are good problem-solvers!

Our motto in school this week: I seek solutions!

Now Enrolling...

If you have friends or neighbors that are not currently attending Sonoran Foothills but plan to enroll their students for next school year, please encourage them to complete their Sonoran Foothills registration as soon as possible.

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