Wellness Wednesday

Your Counselor - Ms. Mutter, & PBSES Coach - Ms. Kusunose

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From Ms. Kusunose

Dear Newcastle Community,

Gratitude comes from the Latin root gratus, which means “thankful.” It is appreciation one receives, an acknowledgement of the goodness in their lives. I feel much gratitude to all of you, my Newcastle community. My children learned how to build strong, positive relationships through the interactions with your families, with the school, with the teachers. The person I am today is a direct result from the support and love I feel from all of you. So, now I am able to step outside of my comfort zone and into a new role because of the confidence you instilled in me.

On July 1st, I will be the new Associate Principal in Lake Washington School District! Yes, I am very excited about this opportunity and I am very proud of all the work I put in these past years. I am thankful to be able to say I did this with your support. Students, find ways to show your gratitude to your family, friends, and community. It makes a difference, I know. My final challenge to all of you is to show gratitude every day.

Start with this 7-Day GRATUTIDE Challenge! (click) Families and educators, continue modeling the ways you show gratitude in the small moments of life. It is the small moments that make a difference. Gratitude moves us towards the positive emotions and makes us happier and healthier. There is a ton of research out there on the benefits of practicing gratitude. It is all interconnected with relationship building, health, stress, depression, a spiritual well-being, and increasing happiness.

I wish you all the very best and will keep you close to my heart as I start my new role. Thank you and I look forward to when our paths cross again.

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From Ms. Mutter

As we close on this unusual chapter, I can't help but feel a whole lot of gratitude for our amazing community. Through this online learning experience, I have witnessed the resilience, creativity, flexibility, and care among students, staff, and parents that has me truly inspired and thankful. It's amazing to think that even in the darkest times, we can notice the beauty, within ourselves and around us. It reminds me of the lotus flower, which grows through the mud towards the light. When we focus on the light, it helps our own lights blossom - and I believe the positivity and connection of our community has us shining brighter than ever!

If you are wondering how to foster a sense of gratitude in kids, here and here are some great resources to practice with your family, and I loved these 9 Gratitude Activities for Children.

Also, if you've missed any of our previous newsletter topics, you can find them all here. They are: Routines, Emotional Regulation, Growth Mindset, Flexible Thinking, Joy, Social Connection, Hope, Online Safety & Screen-time Management, Courageous Conversations, and Transitions.

I want to thank you for inspiring me every day, and I look forward to continuing on this unique journey with the Newcastle community of love and support. A short message below:

Goodbye Newcastle Family
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** Note: If you are needing food support for the summer break (or know someone who does), please reach out to Ms. Mutter and she will assist in finding a solution that best meets your needs. Here is information about how to access resources from the Issaquah Food & Clothing Bank. If your child will need a backpack and school supplies for the coming school year, you can register for free supplies here**

Nami Kusunose, PBSES Coach

If you would like support with being at home, emotion-regulation, behavior/motivation, or structuring your day/week please reach out to Ms. Kusunose, the PBSES Coach.

Kailey Mutter, School Counselor

If you would like support with coping with anxiety, processing emotions, mindfulness, mental health, talking to your kids about COVID-19, and accessing emergency resources please reach out to Ms. Mutter, the Counselor.