Dangers Of School Sports

by Cassidy Burris

Blocking a player in a high school football game killed 16-year-old Tom Cutinella. Tom was the third player to die in one weak.
Good Things About School Sports

There are good things about school sports, so we shouldn't get rid of sports completely. Schools with more athletic programs tend to have lower drop out rates than schools who don't have a big athletic program. Also, school sports teach students good core values like sportsmanship and team work. These core values help students make friends and get better jobs in their future lives.

Bad Things About School Sports

Although school sports help students with good core values, their focus shifts away from school work and towards the game that have that night. School sports make school start earlier than school should actually start. People say that its bad for schools to start so early because the students brain isn't " working " yet.

What The Doctors Say

Students get brain injuries by big blows to the head causing concussions. Dr. Robert Cantu says, " Kids brains are still developing, and their neck muscles are weak. " Researchers and PhD Frederick Mueller say that heat strokes from high school and college players have increased and concussions have decreased, yet concussions are still a big part of sport related injuries. Coaches, high school and college, say that tackling will always be apart of football and balls will always be apart of soccer, softball, baseball and basketball, but they are trying to figure out ways to make sports more safe.

Injuries and Deaths

In 2013, eight high school students died while playing sports, most of these deaths were from head injuries. Each year more than 173,000 people under the age of 20 are treated for sport related injuries.

Making Sports Safer

Carillon Clinic Orthopedics provide athletic trainers to nearby schools so players are safe and their injuries are treated with proper care. Trying to make sports more safe for students can be hard, but try starting with these helpful tips.

• create a positive athletic health care administration system

• provide pre-participation physical examinations

• promote safe and appropriate practice and competition facilities

• plan for selection, fit fiction and proper maintenance of athletic equipment

• provide a permanent, appropriately equipped area to evaluate and treat injured athletes

• develop injury and illness prevention strategies, including protocols for environmental conditions

• provide or facilitate injury intervention

• create and rehearse a venue-specific emergency action plan

• provide or facilitate psycho social consultation and nutritional counseling/ education

• be sure athletes and parents are educated of the potential benefits and risks in sports as well as their responsibilities

These are some ways to start making schools sports safer! I would start using these ideas to make your school sports more safe quickly.


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