JUNE 2015


As we approach the end of another school year, I want to take a moment and thank the students, staff, and families who have made this year a fantastic school year. To see all that has been accomplished in the past nine months is truly amazing. To those families who are leaving Grand Avenue for the final time, it has been our pleasure to have been part of the partnership with you these past few years.

As it should be, summer is a time for kids to have fun and enjoy family and friends, but if possible, please continue to have your child spend a little time keeping their reading and math skills sharp. If you are looking for some resources, our public library has some summer reading programs that would be worthwhile for kids; otherwise, here is a link to some good math ideas.

Just a reminder that our district registration will be on August 6th and August 11th from 3:00 – 7:00 pm at the high school. Even though most of the registration can now be done online, it is still a great opportunity to come in and get your child’s picture taken and get any questions you may have answered.

Also, please mark your calendars for Thursday, September 3rd from 2:30 – 4:00 pm.

That will be our Back to School Night/Supply Dropoff event. This is a great opportunity for your child and you to bring in the school supplies, check out the classroom, and meet the teachers.

Finally, I hope everyone has a wonderful summer. We look forward to seeing all of you again in September, and as always, feel free to call the school in the meantime with any questions that you may have.


Summer Success

As the year comes to an end, educators reflect on how to help students become more successful the following school year. In the past few years we have noticed a decrease in students who are able to solve their own problems without the help of an adult. Since our job as educators and parents is to facilitate independence in each child, some ideas are listed below that may help students when faced with a problem in the future. These ideas are consistent with our promotion of respectfulness, responsibility and resourcefulness.

  • Help your child learn and practice manners in all areas, and the idea of common courtesy to everyone and everything.
  • Allow your child to make small decisions or choose between two choices you are willing to live with (i.e. Should we have Pizza Hut or Culvers for dinner tonight?)
  • Encourage independence and problem solving on their own, but be available for help, if needed.

1. Share

2. Take Turns

3. Rock-Paper-Scissors/Bubble Gum/Eany Meany, etc.

4. Compromise (each person gets a little of what they want)

5. Find something else to do

6. Take a Break/Think (calm down)

7. I-statement (I feel ____ when you _______ I would like you to ________)

We have also noticed a significant increase in the “adult knowledge” children have at an earlier age (swearing, dating, bullying, alcohol, etc.). Most of this is due to things that children are seeing and hearing on the television, radio, video games, and Internet.

Parents often wonder how they can keep their children from learning these things and do all they know how to do at home. However, sometimes children hear or see things when left unsupervised that contradict what the parents are trying to accomplish. Some ways parents can help preserve their children’s innocence over the summer and in the upcoming years are listed below:

  • Do not allow them to watch television shows or movies with adult content (they pick up on things more than you realize)
  • Do not allow them to listen to music with disrespectful language (it gives the impression that it is okay to use those words)
  • Do not allow them to play games that are rated above their age (only C and E)
  • Do not allow them to explore on the Internet without supervision
  • Allow them plenty of opportunity to get outside and play
  • Have serious conversations with them if they ask about adult related topics

The final success area that we need your help with is school attendance. We understand that illnesses get shared among peers at school, but students should be here as much as possible. Elementary school sets the foundation for all other learning. Even if a child is not feeling the best, it is better for them to get some of the information that is being taught instead of having to learn it at another time.

As school staff we use some rules of thumb when considering sending students home. These guidelines are listed:

  • Fever of 100 or more
  • Puking or diarrhea
  • Contagious illness that has not been treated with antibiotics


Students, staff and family members all exercised for 30 minutes on Friday, June 5th as part of Shape Up Grand Ave. 5th grade students could ride their bikes, 2-4th grade students were able to either walk/run the Prediction Run route or do zumba for these 30 minutes. What a great way to end the school year!
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Registration 2015-16 Grades PK-12

Online Registration - Opens Saturday, July 18

Walk-in Event - Thursday, August 6, 3:00-7:00 pm


Tuesday, August 11, 3:00-7:00 pm

Location: Middle School

Computer Lab................ Computer access and assistance to complete the online registration process

Cashiers......................... Pay fees in person using cash or checks only

Registration fees: High School-$30; KG-8-$25; Speech, K4 & Early Childhood-$5

School Nurses................. Health information & consultation

Lenz Bus Company........ Bus route information

Photographers................. Grades PK-5 student photos for Student Records database & family purchase at Walk-in Event

High School & Middle School photos will be taken on Monday, September 14 during the school day

High School................... Freshmen parent/new family inquiries

Schedules are available online (paper copy upon request in the main office)
Parking permits

Supply lists

High School Athletics..... Athletics: punch cards/passes & Skyward sports registration instructions

Middle School................ Activities Information Sheet

Schedules available

Supply Lists

Grand Avenue................ Welcome Letter with school year dates & information

Supply lists

Bridges........................... Welcome Letter with school year dates & information

K4 information & questions

Supply lists / drop off dates and information

Tower Rock.................... Verify after school bus information for Skyward Student Records

Back to school night/ supply drop off information

Meet the new principal

Supply lists

Merrimac........................ Greet & interact with families

August conference registration

Seal-A-Smile registration

Information on various events and organization

Photo Retake Days

Tower Rock - Tuesday, Sept 15 - 7:30am

SPNC AM K4 - Tuesday, Sept 15 - 10:15am (AM K4 if needed)

SPNC PM K4 - Tuesday, Sept 15 - 12:15pm (PM K4 if needed)

St. Aloysius K4 - Tuesday, Sept 15 - 1:00pm (PM K4 if needed)

Tower Rock - Tuesday, Sept 15 - 2:00pm (PM K4 if needed)

Bridges - Wednesday, Sept 16 - 7:30am

Merrimac - Wednesday, Sept 16 - 10:00am

Bridges PM K4 - Wednesday, Sept 16 - 1:00pm (PM K4 if needed)

Grand Ave - Thursday, Sept 17 - 7:30am

Middle School To be announced after September 14

High School To be announced after September 14


On May 28, the Central Wisconsin TAG Coordinators Consortium hosted the August Derleth Young Writers Conference on the campus of UW-Baraboo. Over 150 third, fourth, fifth, and sixth grade writers, from 15 school districts, including Sauk Prairie students from Grand Avenue and Tower Rock Schools attended. Attendees were selected on the local level, based on entries they submitted in one of four categories – poetry, personal narrative, persuasive writing, and creative writing. Each student received a copy of an anthology, which contained all of the winning entries.

At the workshop, students were treated to a performance by keynote speaker/singer/storyteller, Stuart Stotts, a frequent presenter at early childhood and environmental conferences. He not only entertained the students with his infectious sense of fun, but also explored the role music and stories play in writing, and the importance of creativity in our lives. Audience participation resulted in a resoundingly good time for all.

The keynote presentation was followed by small group breakout sessions, led by volunteers from the participating school districts. During the small group sessions, students worked on advancing their writing skills. Facilitators from Sauk Prairie, who helped lead small group sessions, were Julie Breunig, Gifted and Talented Department Resource Teacher, and Kathy Bruno, Gifted and Talented Department Support Teacher. Julie and Kathy led a fifth and sixth grade poetry group composed of students from all of the participating school districts.

Pictured are students from Grand Avenue and Tower Rock Schools who attended the workshop:

Front Row: Callie Brings, Ella Weigel, Annalise Ramaker, Claire Thiede

Second Row: Isaiah Torres, Christian Voelker, Drew Marshall, Nicholas Basken, Christopher Hutson, Sean Goodwin, Kira Manning, Abby Ballweg

Back Row: Samantha Johnson, Avery Leigh, Austin Kaukl, Elena Homar, Erelyn Apel, Tristan Kerska

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District School Board Mtg

June 8, 2015 - 7:00 pm - Grand Avenue

June 22, 2015 - 7:00 pm - Grand Avenue

Summer School - 4 Weeks

Tuesday, June 23 - Friday, July 17

Summer School - 2 Weeks

Monday, July 20 - Friday, July 31