Who is John Winthrop?

by Marc Duemmler

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"I found the book was great. Since I too lived in Massachusetts Bay, I can relate to Winthrop" Anne Hutchison
"I personally don't care for the book. Since I was banished from Massachusetts Bay for believing in separation of church and government, I don't care for the main character" Roger Williams
"I found the book very interesting. As my colony, Plymouth, and Winthrop's colony, Massachusetts Bay, merged I have great respect for the man" William Bradford
"I am indifferent to the book. I have no problem with Winthrop, but I did chose to leave Massachusetts Bay and find Connecticut" Thomas Hooker

Book Review

I found the autobiography of John Winthrop rather interesting. The book talks all about his life, where he was born, where he died, Massachusetts Bay, his whole life. Personally, as a citizen of the glorious country of England, I find the need to move to the colonies ridiculous. I am just fine living in England. However, I understand that Winthrop left for religious reasons, and I have to have respect for that. Another thing I don't like is the way he descries the Americas. The way he makes everything sound so perfect is a bit far fetched, if I might say so. Personally I think his autobiography glorifies the colonies, just so that more people will come. Therefore, I recommend this book to the people who are interested in historical figures and the colonies. If you aren't a history buff, don't bother picking up this book.