by: Robinson Wells


Variant is about a kid named Benson who spent his life in foster care and decides to go on his own to mMaxfeild high school. Benson was expecting teachers and someone in charge but instead he figured out the school was ran by high scholars and was keeping kids captive in the school. The captive high scholars managed to have classes and different groups, to avoid a war between the students. The groups were havoc, society, and variant. Society was the security and mostly the main people in charge and Havoc was the group that got the outside privileges. Benson got a spot in variant’s group, the group that was always planning to escape. Benson was positive that he was going to be the first to escape , but he doesn’t know the secret behind Maxfeild. The school dance came along and Benson decided to take Jane, a girl who is in variant too. Once the dance is over Jane and Benson go on a walk outside in the cold weather. Out of a sudden they get attacked by two students in society. Both Jane in Benson get knocked out cold. In the middle of the night Jane gets up and starts limping away. Benson chases after her just to find out that Jane is a clone and the school is full of them! Can Benson convince the students about the clones and escape or will he die trying?


The main character in my book is named Benson Fisher. He lived in Pittsburg before he came to Maxfeild. He started foster care when he was five, and went through thirty-three foster families. Through-out the book he usually wears a stealers sweatshirt or his school uniform. His first friend he met was named Mason, and his fist girlfriend was named Jane. Benson seems very athletic and bright since he is making the plans to escape, but he is very belligerent and defiant. He is also very courageous, but selfish. Benson gives the book an energetic mood because of his risky ideas.


The setting for variant really changes the story because the setting is in a locked up school and the season was winter. The school is surrounded by deep forest which makes it a lot harder to escape. The school and the weather also would make the students not want to escape because inside the school it is warmer and the students have food. When they try to escape the students wouldn’t have all of those supplies and they would be freezing cold. There is also a wall surrounding the forest so they have to make a lot of plans for their escape if the students want to get over the wall. The setting gives the mood an eerie feeling because of the unusual school and the dark woods.


The conflict in Variant is when Benson figures out that the school is full of clones and Jane is too. This part is the most important part because it then sets Benson up with better ideas to escape.


I think the the best theme to this story is to never give up. When Benson figures out about the school clones he keeps trying to escape even though he knows all the dangers of the school. Benson always comes back with better ideas after he gets punished, and he keeps trying even if his friends don't agree with him.


I really liked Variant because of the the action and adventure in it. I love the main idea of the book and all the specific details in it. I also enjoyed that they had groups and that the groups had different personalities and jobs. The only idea I didn't like a lot is that the author added robot clones. I didn't like that because i'm not really into robots and stuff like that and it kind of made the mood of the book science fiction. Variant is exciting and very positive. I think this book should be more popular because I think now a lot of people would really be pleased with this book.