Brett Davis

A comedic and kind Dad

#1 Dad

Brett was born in 1972 on October 14. He is currently 45 years old. Brett is athletic for his age, for he has a very exhausting time at work as an architect for William Lyon homes. But he comes home every day happy to see his family, and on a daily responsibility goes to the gym. Brett is also very modern (like me) he has a phone, a laptop, an iPad. To me, that factor is shocking because most parents aren't so modern. Brett is very giving, he allows me to play baseball and let's me have more than enough technology. Over all I think my dad Brett is the #1 Dad with all the things he gives me and my mom.

A lesson he learned


Over the years Brett has learned to be honest to avoid drama and trouble. He says "You will be more successful at life if you are honest." And to me that is true.

Evan Davis

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