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Extinguish the Flame!!

Currently, electronic cigarettes are the hottest topics going around in the world. Recently, I went across news that revealed the explosion of electronic cigarettes. This is the third time I have come across such type of news. I don’t know if I have missed any such news earlier but it has really scared me. People are suffering from severe injuries after e cigarettes explosion. I am wondering why the brands manufacture low quality products do and affect individuals?

As news regarding e cigarettes explosion are prevailing everywhere, I thought of going through the guidelines that must be taken into consideration while operating an e cigarette. Well, there were no such steps listed in any site but I went through an article where an expert listed some of his opinions.

According to the expert, users should always keep an eye on their charger's light, and unplug the AC adapter once the battery of the e cigarette is fully charged. Since, I am somewhat new to this field; I will definitely consider these factors. I have tried some random brands till date but after the explosions, I think, it’s high time for me to go for best electronic cigarette selection. Though my friends have suggested me to opt for South Beach Smoke but I am not yet sure.

What I think is, the best brands would help e cigarettes from explosion and I can at least rely on them. I hope, once I select the best e cigarette, I will have no fear. For that, I have started going through electronic cigarette reviews and I believe that I will get hold of a good brand very soon.