Attention Deerfield Students

By Rowan, and Cora


Who: 4K-6th grade students
What: A fundraiser
When: FRIDAY, MAY 13
Where: DES
Why: To raise money to buy books for Guatemalan kids
How: Donate $1.00 to wear sunglasses and a hat the hole day

Living On One Dollar

In Guatemala they live their lives on one dollar a day. For example video games here are about $60. In Guatemala it would take them 60 days to get that kind of money. Just think about it. Each day they get one dollar, so that would mean to not buy anything else such as candy, food, water,and so on. They are really poor there.

Please Help

Please help us achieve our goal and participate in this event. Your teachers will have envelopes to collect the money. Rember it's FRIDAY, MAY 13. Thank You!