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We used the hall, an instrument, a water fountain, a wooden sink, a white board attached to the wall. We found the measurements and we used a tape measure, iPad, and paper and pencil. We got these shapes from the music room, the hall, computer lab, and mrs.gina's room.

Surface area and Volume

Surface Area-it is the area of all the sides. It's just like area on a 2d shape except on a 3d shape. Volume-is how much space inside a 3d shape. Kind of like pouring water into a container you're trying to find how much water fits inside of it.
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Math & Measurements

Hall-208ft by 9ft by 8.3ft, cylinder instrument-9.5in tall 3.5in in diameter, white board (triangular prism)-25 height by 48 base by 33 in length, water fountain-20in by 18in by 5in, circle sink-9.5in in diameter.

Volume and surface area

(Cylinder instrument-V=86.5in3, SA=185.5in2) (Hall-V=15537.6ft3 SA=7346.2ft2) (Water Fountain-V=1800in3, SA=1100in2) (Wooden Sink-SA=70.8in2) (White Board-V=19800in3, SA=5952in2)
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Extension Activity

Cylinder-3 415/466 water fountain-11/18 hall-47.3/100. The surface area is 4 times bigger and the volume is 8 times bigger. The area for the trapezoid is 80.
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