Eddie Cho Period 2 5-16-16

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Scorpions live in warm climate places around the world. They are most found in places such as England and the U.S. They mostly live in jungles, rain forests, and deserts.


When scorpions are relaxed their tails are flat. When they are attacked or feel like they are under attack they happen to raise their tail with deadly poison on the tip of their tail.

Body Covering

Scorpions have an armor protection that is strong and hard. The scorpions body does also have 2 different parts. The cephalothorax and the abdomen.
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Scorpions mostly hunt for animals that are smaller than themselves. They use their claws to grab their prey and sting their prey with their poisonous tails to injure or kill. Scorpions also can only suck up liquids so they mash their prey and bath them in enzymes then suck them up.
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Scorpions give birth to their babies which is very unusual for a scorpion. The mother also carries the babies around until they are grown and can protect themselves.


A scorpions tail and claws help them protect and defend themselves. Their tails also can produce poison in them so that they can protect themselves.
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Other Info

Scorpions are most seen at night which means that scorpions are nocturnal. They happen to also glow when you put a UV light on them.