how did the camp life change the prisoners as a person?

The camp changed them as a person because they only thought of them self's instead of others for there own life, like how they fought for food until death on the train. they also didnt care as much if someone else died, they were more focused on staying alive as ong as possible.

How did the camp change life as a family?

The camp life changed them as families by forgetting about them, like how on the train the old man's son killed him just for a spoonful more of bread. The camp also separated them as families, like when the women and children were taken to the gas chambers and, the Nazis showed the others the smoke but they still didnt believe it.

How did the camp change relationships with other human beings?

The camp life changed relationships with other people by them not caring about each other anymore. Like how the prisoners beat up Elies father for more food even though he was dying. They also told on other people for more food even though they knew the Nazis would do domething terrible to the person they told on.
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What does this novel reveal to you as a human being?

This novel reveals that you should think of people individually and not by their religion, like Hitler didnt like any of the Jews even though most of them didnt do anything wrong. Something else is that you have to understand that these people went through so much, that even made some of them crazy and, rethink their faith.