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Our Lineage

Did you know that Thirty-One is a family? It's one of my favorite aspects of the company, and I wanted to share a little more with you about your family lineage. You probably received an e-mail this week from Corrie Edling, so I wanted to take a minute to explain a little more about that.

There are several titles you can promote to as you work your way up the Thirty-One Career Path. (Senior Consultant, Director, Senior Director, Executive Director, Senior Executive Director, National Executive Director)

I am your Director (and I am at the Senior Director level on this path). Your Senior Executive Director is Carla Eck. Carla is my director, so we are very lucky to have such a close connection to our SED Upper Level Leader.

Carla's director is Corrie, Corrie's director is Nikki, Nikki's director is Michelle, and Michelle's director is Jenny Hillenburg. Jenny was the very first consultant with Thirty-One.

Up to this point, Corrie has been our National Executive Director, which is the highest level on the career path. In order to really stay true to her why, Corrie is stepping back from this level of leadership effective June 15. Because of this, Michelle will now be our National Executive Director. I would encourage you to watch this short video to learn a little more about Michelle and her heart.

If the link does not work, you can access the video on TOT ( via Resources - Business Tools - Video Gallery - Success Stories (link to the right) - Michelle Beckett

Most of our training and communication will still come from Carla, but now we will have access to additional support with Michelle. Below are the links to Carla's and Michelle's lineage pages (and mine too). Be sure to check them out and take a minute to join.

My Lineage Page:

Carla's Lineage of Eckcellence:

Michelle's Warriors of Faith Lineage:

If by chance the link to Michelle's page does not work (which it might not because it is a secret group), let me know and I can add you to the page.

Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions about your leaders or about this transition!